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HCA Fit Reviews

Real and honest reviews from our customers. Let us know what did you think about HCA Fit. How did it help you in achieving your weight loss target.

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 9 reviews
by Marina A. on HCA Fit

I have taking this fused with my daily cardio,dieting and weight training. I have lost 10 pounds in 45 days and its going great. I am looking forward to using this in the future and loose about 10 pounds more. This supplement really helped me tone my body, in spite of loosing fat my body is moving towards perfection. Love this supplement.

by Norma J. on HCA Fit
Waste of money

I used an entire bottle of this and it really didn't show any results. I feel like I wasted my money on something which works on paper only and will never work for real.

by Rogelio C. on HCA Fit
Awesome Results

To be exacts I haven't actually lost any weight after using this product but there is definitely improvement in my body. My muscles are more defined now. I have got those 3d Shoulders now and the abs are also there. I guess this product helps you gain that lean mass and burn fat in the process. Well whatever it does it really helped me and Girls are going crazy about my body now

by Maria J. on HCA Fit
Toned Body

I haven't lost weight but I can see clearly that my body has become so lean and toned now. The fat is where it should be and that too isn't in a bad way. I used this twice daily 30 minutes before having my meal and it really helped me a lot.

by Karen J. on HCA Fit
Didnt work

I have been using this for a month now and I have not seen any significant fat loss from my body. I don't know why it didn't work for me but I really don't like things which don't work especially when you have hope from it.

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